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303 British - 174 grain match loads


The load data presented here was safe in the test rifle and
is presented for informational purposes only.
Use extreme caution, working up in small increments.
If in doubt as to the load's integrity, STOP !
I can assume no responsibility for improper or careless use.

To be honest, I was quite surprised with the best load worked up during the book tests.
I expected IMR4350 to be the champ - it always was. Imagine my shock when I found that Reloader 15 was not only more accurate, but delivered near text book velocities as well!

There's a lesson here. After my initial work ups of many years ago, I stopped testing.
I should have run comparisons every now and then to see if their was any change.

The moral - run new tests every year. You might be surprised.
In any case, it gets you out shooting more often, right?

Accuracy can be found with several powders. IMR4064, H414 and either H4350 or IMR4350.
Any of these would be worthwhile to examine.

174 Grain Sierra MatchKing
OAL - 3.075 inches
Remington Cases, CCI BR-2 Match LR Primers

Reloder 15
39.5 grains
MV - 2183 fps
43.5 grains
MV - 2427 fps
38.0 grains
MV - 2196 fps
42.0 grains
MV - 2468 fps
42.0 grains
MV - 2023 fps
46.0 grains
MV - 2301 fps