How are Rimfire Jacketed Bullets Made?
Why I Make Them
Cartridge Specs & Chronology
Cartridge Headstamps
The Accurate Lee Enfield
Shooting & Reloading the 303 British & 303 Epps
Musketry Regulations - WWI
Small Arms Training - WWII
Shooting 7.62x51mm Military Brass: Target Loads
Lithgow Wood
Reloading & Firearms Articles
The Stevens 200
What About These Stevens Rifles?
Stevens 200 (Savage) Aftermarket Triggers
A 7.62x39 Bolt Action
The 308 Winchester H&R Survivor Rifle
Paco's Acu'rzr - for 22LR ammunition
Ontario Gun Shops
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Reloading & Firearms Articles

The articles here are about different firearms & cartridges
- not just Lee Enfields and the 303 British!

Man Verse - men's outdoor rhymes - Adult Content!!

Memories of Mouche Noir - outdoor humour

Read , from the summer 2008 edition of Cdn Shooting Sports magazine
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Reloading and Cartridge Articles

Reloading Rooms


Firearms Articles