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Forming 22 K Hornet Cases


The spring weather has been cool, windy and wet.  I still have the furnace on!

While wrapping up the 30-303 book, I have been forming 22 Hornets into 22 K Hornets. The 22 K Hornet is an improvd cartridge that is made by firing the original - the 22 Hornet - in an improved hamber.

With the new cartridge came some equipment changes. I am happy to report that my Lee Collet die is on the way back.  I sent my 22 Hornet die to Lee to rework into a 22 K Hornet die.

Here's what the target looked like after I finished shooting 100 Hornets in the newly reamed K chamber.  Not bad for four different bullets.  I am anxious to see how the K Hornet will group with a 40 gr. Hornady V Max and Lil Gun.


The target was set up at 50 yards.  Usually, accuracy isn't the best when making improved cases.
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Shooting & Reloading the 303 British/303 Epps

The Accurate Lee Enfield

Small Arms Training - Lee Enfield

Reloading 7.62x51mm Military Brass: Target Loads


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The Accurate Lee Enfield

Shooting & Reloading the 303 British

Musketry Regulations - WWI
Small Arms Training - WWII



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