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303 British - 215 grain loads

The load data presented here was safe in the test rifle and is presented for informational purposes only.
Use extreme caution, working up in small increments.
If in doubt as to the load's integrity, STOP !
I can assume no responsibility for improper or careless use.

Not too many years ago, factory loads were available in this weight. While this bullet is definitely a short range proposition, it can develop over 1900 ft/lb of energy at 100 yards. With a 100 yard zero it is 8 inches low at 200 and 15 inches low at 300 yards. Nonetheless, it hits like a pile driver at ranges where hunters encounter game. It's high sectional density (.316) plays a big part.

215 grain jacketed bullets used to be made by Remington and CIL of Canada, but no more.

215 grain Bullet
OAL - 3.000 inches
Winchester Cases, CCI Primers

39.5 grains
MV - 1916 fps
43.5 grains
MV - 2125 fps
Reloder 19
40.0 grains
MV - 1927 fps
44.0 grains
MV - 2097 fps
41.5 grains
MV - 1864 fps
45.5 grains
MV - 2065 fps