Three Older Men Discuss the COVID Vaccine and Aliens

Dave, Edmund and Ken

Older men know a lot of things. One of those things is aliens are to blame

Copyright 2021 – Stephen Redgwell

As always, Dave was the first to speak. He put his gun case on the floor and said, “I get my second shot next Monday. You two have both now, right?”

Ken nodded yes. Edmund sighed and said, “Yeah, but sometimes I wish I didn’t.”

Ken turned to his friend and asked what was the matter.

“Well, the first shot was okay, but I got kind of sick after the second. I went back to the doctor. He said it happens with some people. I wasn’t dying. I just felt rundown and achy for a couple of days. Oh, and headaches on and off too. The doctor said…”

Dave interrupted him. “Which vaccine did you get?”

“Phiser. Why?”

“Well then, that’s the trouble. Phiser is not safe for humans. You should have taken AlphaZeneca.”

Ken looked at Dave and asked what was wrong with Phiser.

“Well, that particular vaccine was developed for the Reptilians. There are three different vaccines that doctors use to fight alien diseases. Those would be maladies that started somewhere out in space. See?”

Nobody said anything, so Dave kept talking.

“Humans, us, we can handle all three, but the best ones are AlphaZeneca or Noderna. Noderna was originally developed for use with the Greys.”

This time, Ken interrupted. “Hold on! Hold on! What are you talking about? Reptilians? Greys? Are you saying that COVID came from space?”

Dave looked over his glasses and nodded. “I’m afraid so. When I was in the army, part of my time was spent on the other side of the moon. The aliens have a base there in the Tsiolkovskiy crater. After Roswell, when the US first met the aliens, we formed a secret partnership and selected American and Canadian troops do duty on the Tsi moon base.”

Edmund looked confused. Ken rolled his eyes and said, “Well, that all makes sense now. I mean, I’m glad you explained that.”

Dave didn’t notice Ken’s reaction. “Yeah, the aliens that come and go from the Tsi base pretty much do what we do when we travel. They have to declare the purpose of their visit, length of stay, and their customs people check their passports to see if their vaccinations are up to date, etc. I knew COVID was alien as soon as I heard the doctors talking about it on the TV.”

“So tell me, Dave, if Edmund is all achy and has headaches, what does that mean?”

“Simple. You hear about people getting sick or even dying from the vaccines. That’s genetics and the person’s state of health when he or she got their shots.”

“So there is no conspiracy from guys like Bill Gates or the government then?”

Dave just laughed. “Good God, no. Do you really think Gates or the government is that smart? I have been hearing all the crazy talk from those right wing radio and TV shows too. Who the heck is Pucker Carlson? They want to blame it on doctors, the government or big business. None of them had anything to do with it. The truth is, some COVID infected alien came to earth and spread it around. Simple. Since it was the first time, none of our doctors, and none of the alien ones, knew exactly what to do. We got “made in space” medicine for the first time. But hey, it’s working!”

Ken slapped Dave’s leg and declared the mystery solved. Then he started laughing.

Dave didn’t know whether to argue or agree. He just said, “Well, Monday I get my second shot, and it will be all over.”

The three stood up to leave the range. Edmund smiled and said, “Yep, on Monday it will be all over, Dave. It was nice knowing you!”