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Two Bolt Action 6×45mm Rifles
(aka the 6mm/223)

A Wildcat Based on the 223 Remington

Tests with a reworked Savage Model 10 and a Savage Axis

The first five shots from my newly rebarreled rifle

Once upon a time, I bought a 223 Remington rifle. It was a Remington 700 SPS Tactical with a 20 inch barrel, Hogue stock and an X Mark Pro trigger. It went down the road because it wouldn’t shoot. To be fair, I probably got a bad one, but still, no one likes an inaccurate gun!

So I bought another 223. This time, it was a Stevens 200 by Savage – a bare bones, Model 10 with no adjustable trigger. But you know what? It could shoot! On top of that, the price tag was less than half of the Remington!

The Stevens 200 grouped from half an inch to no worse than one inch at 100 yards with almost every load I tried – even with a heavy factory trigger and cheap plastic stock. Despite the improved performance, the Stevens didn’t spend much time as a 223. About a year later, it became a 6×45mm. I made the decision to rebarrel, replace the cheesy plastic stock, change the bolt handle, add a bi-pod and swap out the trigger. My utility rifle would become a hot rod.

My rebarreled Savage Axis with a Boyd AT One Applewood stock

But one wasn’t enough, so I bought a Savage Axis, swapped out the barrel, replaced the trigger, stock and some other stuff and had a ball!

The 6x45mm (6mm/223) is simply a 223 Remington necked up to 6mm – and it’s not just for AR rifles!

Newly formed 6x45mm cases

A 21st Century Update: The 30-303

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Now with 30-303 Thompson Center target pictures!

Thompson Center Pro Hunter and a No 4


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The Savage 99 Pocket Reference

All significant models and variations of 1895’s, 1899’s and 99’s covered.
Also dates, checkering, engraving. Useful desk or gun show carry book.

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