Flyin’ Fish!

Copyright 2016 – Stephen Redgwell

I don’t think they’re so neat!

The flyin’ fish will start nestin’ in the trees. Then, the government will declare the trees and the fish to be protected. Which, if you remember what happened with the Canada Geese, will happen in Rotterdam. Yeah, the Netherlands!

The parks and shoreline will be strewn with flyin’ fish poo. People will start slippin’ in it and injuries will increase. Insurance rates will skyrocket.

No one will be able to eat their lunch on the water because of the dirt and smell.

People livin’ and workin’ downtown will get depressed or turn to violence to end the problem. Rotterdam can expect the murder rate and deaths by suicide will increase. That means hirin’ more cops and grief counselors which will put a strain on the taxpayer.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Pretty soon, Rotterdam will become a foul smelling, disease ridden city full of unsolved murders, citizens with psychological disorders or slippin’ related injuries, payin’ the highest taxes in Europe!

It’s a damn mistake!!