Bore Cleaners

Copyright 2018 – Stephen Redgwell

I only use Manny’s Moonshine to clean my guns! Manny’s cleans down to the metal every time!

It’s good to hear that most of you care enough about your firearms to clean them regularly. Just one or two points.

Don’t be fooled by store bought cleaners! They are overpriced and don’t work well.

All companies hire a scientist, but not for research and development or safety. They are hired because they went to university and learned a lot of chemical names and complex descriptors for common things like ethyl ether (acid and alcohol), tapolene (water), glucose or dextrose (sugar), blunt force trauma (being beaten by a revenuer) They also have letters after their names. It impresses people and, when you’re young, is a great help in picking up girls.

How about ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (EGME) or C3H8O2 aka ‘Shine’? If you think of a fancy mixed drink like a Pina Colada, you’d be on the right track for what this is. Instead of rum, pineapples, coconut creams, fruit and ice, just think of a bunch of alcohols mixed together.

Put this on a label, and watch the retail price of a bottle of ‘shine’ go through the roof! Of course, it’s an organic solvent, just like pappy’s corn squeezin’s. It will strip or thin paint. Or you can use it as a spot remover. Some folks call it Mountain Dew or White Lightning. But please, don’t drink it! The store bought stuff will make you sick or blind you! It’s not purified like pappy’s corn squeezin’s!!!

Just remember, companies cannot charge big bucks if customers find out their gun cleaner is made from potato peelings and/or fermented plants. So they get all fancy, hire a scientist, and call the peelings, sugar,etc – hydrocarbons, and other $25 names.

See your local moonshiner for inexpensive, effective gun cleaners that you can drink!

Whishhoooh…white lightnin’!