225 Win & AT-One Stock
How are Rimfire Jacketed Bullets Made?
Why I Make Them
Cartridge Specs & Chronology
Cartridge Headstamps
The Accurate Lee Enfield
Shooting & Reloading the 303 British & 303 Epps
Musketry Regulations - WWI
Small Arms Training - WWII
Shooting 7.62x51mm Military Brass: Target Loads
Lithgow Wood
Reloading & Firearms Articles
The Stevens 200
What About These Stevens Rifles?
Stevens 200 (Savage) Aftermarket Triggers
A 7.62x39 Bolt Action
The 308 Winchester H&R Survivor Rifle
Ontario Gun Shops
About Steve
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24 Hour Campfryer

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6x9 format, 251 pages, glossy, colour cover. A collection of outdoor stories.  Some funny.  Some serious.  The last three stories are from the JOS (Just One Shot) series.  Stories about Canadian scout and sniper, Cpl. Steven Landers in World War II.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at steve303british.com


The Guns at Liskerville Crossing
A Tiny, Red Hot Pepper
What the Heck is an “O’Clock”?
Hey You...Boy!
Mister Beresford, You Will Be Missed
Joe Grinder's Heirlooms
Grampa’s Old Gun Rack – A Christmas Story
If Creedmoors Were Gold
Hey, Vegetables are People Too!
Morton Meets a Moose
Charlie Cootz – Trophy Game Rentals
That Rifle's So Old!
At the Campfire with Bill and Joe (24 Hr CampFryer)
The 30-06
The Stutz-Packard 1000 (Chronograph)
The Death of Archibald Hatch
Mike and Steve Go Fishing
The Old Man and the Kid
Why I Don't Hunt with No School Teachers!
The Three Legged Deer
Grampa's Garbage Tree
The Devil and the Outhouse
Boxes in the Barn
The Lead! The Lead!
Bobby and the Martians!
Noisy Frew Frew
Just One Shot: Blood Rage
Just One Shot: A Sniper and His Nazi
Just One Shot: Kiss the General

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